TURKISH JOURNAL OF ONCOLOGY 1988 , Vol 3 , Num 3 - 4
İstanbul Tıp Fak. Radyasyon Onkoloji AD In this retrospective study the results of treatment of 22 patients with medulloblastoma have been presented. Eleven patients were treated by combined treatment modality (resection and postoperative radiation therapy) and eleven patients had radiationtherapy as a sole treatment at Saint Luke's Radiotherapy and Clinical Oncology Centre between the years 1968-and 1978. The five year survial is 32% for whole group, 29% for seventeen patients under the age of sixteen and 40% for adult patients. Patients who received combined treatment showed 36%; while patients who had radiationtherapy alone presented 27% five year survival rates. Current radiation therapy tecnic and radiation complications in the literature is presented. Treatment results and prognostic factors were reported in the literature also discussed. Keywords :