TURKISH JOURNAL OF ONCOLOGY 1990 , Vol 5 , Num 1 - 2
İstanbul Üniv. 1st. Tip. Fak. Nöroloji AD Our study concerns 100 brain tumors cases, operated with craniotomy at the neurosurgical clinic of the Medical Faculty, of the İstanbul University, and urgently diagnosed with the imprint method, in the neuropathology laboratory of the same clinic. The cytologic preparations were compared with paraffin sections, the positivity of the diagnosis was investigated and the cytologic particularities of the brain tumors with detail presented. In the urgent diagnosis, first we distinguished the benign and malign tumors, and we obtained a positivity of 96 %, compared with paraffin sections. The diagnosis was 96 %, similar to paraffin sections. Besides of that we made a strict diagnosis showing the degree of malignancy of the tumors, and we have seen a 90 % similarity, compared with the diagnosis made with paraffin sections. Keywords :